Semester 2, 2017

Offender Profiling Exam Notes

39 pages

15,040 words




Weekly summary of all the course content in preparation for the exam.

Topic List

Module One: Profiling Approaches

Week One – Offender Profiling: An Overview and its Evolution
Week Two – Law Enforcement: FBI’s Criminal Investigative Analysis (CIA)
Week Three – Forensic Science: Behavioural Evidence Analysis (BEA)
Week Four – Academic Psychology: Investigative Psychology (IP)
Week Five – Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry: a) Crime Action Profiling (CAP)
Week Six – Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry: b) Diagnostic Evaluations (DE)

Module Two: Profiling Processes

Week Seven – Crime Reconstruction
Week Eight – Modus Operandi (MO), Signature and Linkage Analysis
Week Nine – Victimology
Week Ten – Offender Characteristics

Module Three – Profiling Products

Week Eleven – Geographic Profiling and Opportunity Theories
Week Twelve – Accuracy, Ethics & the Future of Profiling




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