Semester 2, 2018

Comprehensive Ethics Exam Notes - Theory, Principles and Cases

108 pages

38,901 words




Notes include all cases, theory, principles and sentence starter answers, easy to understand layout with tables and diagrams

Any text in green you can recite in the exam verbatim and then just alter to suit the facts. They include the following topics and the theories, principles, cases, starter sentences and policy for quick and easy application to your exam:

Topic 1: Overview
Topic 2: Admission to Practice
Topic 3: Overview – Duty to Obey the Law, General Duties to the Court
Topic 4: Responsibilities in Civil Matters
Topic 5: Responsibility in Criminal Matters
Topic 6: Client Confidentiality and Privilege
Topic 7: Duty to Disclose Material Information – Lawyer Client Conflict
Topic 8: Conflicts of Interest – Client/Client Conflict
Topic 9: Trust Accounting and Costs
Topic 10: Disciplinary Proceedings and Sanctions