Semester 1, 2016

Public Law and Statutory Interpretation Exam Notes

70 pages

29,612 words




Public Law - Statutory Interpretation and Judicial Power Exam Notes Only

- Why Do Courts Need to Interpret Statutes? Causes of Interpretive Problems
- Latin Maxims – Interpretation of Words in the Context of a Section
- Role of the Courts
- High Court Guiding Principles and Statements of Statutory Interpretation
- General Interpretive Methods 

- Text, Purpose and Context
- The Problem of Conflicting Statutory Provisions
- The Problem of Drafting Errors
- Interpretive Presumptions: the Principle of Legality
- The Principle of Legality and Interpretive Clauses
- Judicial Power
- Separation of the Judicial Power: The Boilermakers Principles
- What is Judicial Power?
- Inherently Judicial Powers
- The Procedural Requirements for Exercising Judicial Power

As our assignment was on the Executive an Parliament my notes aren't in here, but all exam notes are.