Public Law - Statutory Interpretation and Judicial Power Exam Notes Only

- Why Do Courts Need to Interpret Statutes? Causes of Interpretive Problems
- Latin Maxims – Interpretation of Words in the Context of a Section
- Role of the Courts
- High Court Guiding Principles and Statements of Statutory Interpretation
- General Interpretive Methods 

- Text, Purpose and Context
- The Problem of Conflicting Statutory Provisions
- The Problem of Drafting Errors
- Interpretive Presumptions: the Principle of Legality
- The Principle of Legality and Interpretive Clauses
- Judicial Power
- Separation of the Judicial Power: The Boilermakers Principles
- What is Judicial Power?
- Inherently Judicial Powers
- The Procedural Requirements for Exercising Judicial Power

As our assignment was on the Executive an Parliament my notes aren't in here, but all exam notes are.


Semester 1, 2016

70 pages

29,612 words



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