Semester 1, 2016

HD Evidence (LAW4323) Exam Notes

65 pages

28,477 words




These comprehensive LAW4323 notes were formulated for use in the 2016 Semester 1 Evidence exam (which is open-book). I received a HD for the subject.

These notes are designed to be used as a script for answering a problem question and includes all relevant cases and legislation as per the 2016 reading guide.

List of topics covered:

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Relevance
Topic 3: Competence and Compellability
Topic 4: Privilege
Topic 5: Examination of Witnesses
Topic 6: Character and Credibility
Topic 7: The Accused's Right to Silence
Topic 8: Tendency/ Coincidence Evidence
Topic 9: Hearsay
Topic 10: Admissions
Topic 11: Illegally Obtained Evidence
Topic 13: Opinion Evidence

Please Note: Topic 12 Identification evidence was not assessable in this exam and is consequently excluded from these notes.