Semester 1, 2016

HD Corporations Law (LAW4171) Exam Notes

142 pages

69,498 words




These comprehensive LAW4171 notes were formulated for use in the Corporations Law exam (which is open-book). I received a HD for the subject.

List of Topics Covered:
Topic 1: Introduction to Corporations Law
Topic 2: Registration and it's effects
Topic 3: Types of Companies
Topic 4: The Constitution and the Replaceable Rules
Topic 5: Share Capital, Loan Capital and Dividends
Topic 6: Directors, Members and Corporate Decision-Making
Topic 7: Corporate Contracting
Topic 8: Corporate Governance and Director's Duties
Topic : Duty to Act in Good Faith and the Best Interests of the Company s 181(1)(a)
Topic 9: Consequences of Contravention and Relief from Liability
Topic 10: Members' Remedies
Topic 11: Corporate Mortality