Comprehensive set of self-made questions with self-made answers for Financial Accounting Theory covering core concepts in the course.

I would estimate there are 200+ questions covering all lectures and topics, as well as a 'formula sheet' aggregating all the formulas. Some of these questions are also based on tutorials.

I scored 94 and believe these questions were key as a supplement to quantitative tutorial questions.

Note categories / topics covered:
GENERAL: Questions which relate to multiple areas of the course
GENERAL: Formula sheet
WEEK ONE: Objectives of financial reporting
WEEK TWO: Measurement
WEEK THREE: Measurement methods
WEEK FIVE: Ratio analysis
WEEK SIX & SEVEN: Valuation
WEEK EIGHT: Earnings management
WEEK NINE: Efficient markets
WEEK TEN: Executive compensation
WEEK ELEVEN: Voluntary disclosure


Semester 1, 2018

36 pages

8,527 words



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