Semester 1, 2018

Taxation Law Notes S1 2018

30 pages

1,007 words




Comprehensive notes for Taxation Law 2018. Includes detailed notes regarding all examinable topics (as listed below) with corresponding fact summaries and principles and provisions of relevant legislation.

Notes are structured in a simple, coherent manner for easy use and for quick application to problem questions. Includes helpful adaptable sentence starters, pointers as to structure and items to look out for when analysing problem questions and answering exam questions.


1. GST
2. Tax liability
a. Income tax
i. Taxable income
ii. Tax rate
iii. Tax offsets
b. Other liabilities/charges
c. Tax rates
3. Income tax
a. Ordinary income
b. Statutory income
c. Exempt income
d. Non-assessable non-exempt income
4. Deductions
a. General deductions
b. Specific deductions
c. Denied deductions
5. Capital gains tax
6. Companies
a. Imputation system
7. Superannuation
(+ initial hints page including notes for structure and common items to note)




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