Semester 1, 2018

LAW4170 Trusts Notes (HD)

35 pages

16,270 words



Comprehensive HD notes structured in accordance with the LAW4170 reading guide.

Covers all topics and corresponding cases (summarised facts and principles) and relevant statutory provisions. Notes are simply structured to assist you in tackling exam questions with important or more challenging aspects highlighted. Includes page of additional notes to be aware of for an exam question.

1. Creation of trusts
- 3 certainties
2. Trust structures
3. Trusts for charitable purposes
4. Statutory requirements
5. Constituting the trust
6. Duties and powers of trustees
7. Duty to act with prudence
- Investment
- Taking advice
- Acting impartially
8. Duty to keep accounts and inform
- Access to trust documents
9. Trustees’ exercise of discretion
10. Defences and limitations on liability
11. Rights of trustees
12. Rights of beneficiaries
13. Remedies for breach of trust




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