Semester 2, 2017

Comprehensive Public Law Notes (HD in final exam)

98 pages

35,628 words




Detailed notes that cover all the topics. Received an HD in the final exam using these notes.

Seminar 1: The Path to Independence
Seminar 2: Constitution, its structure and principles
Seminar 3: Amendment of the Commonwealth Constitution
Seminar 4: Amendment of State Constitutions – Manner and Form
Seminar 5: Representation of the People in the Legislature
Seminar 6: Voting
Seminar 7: Qualification and Disqualification – Members of Parliament
Seminar 8: The Executive
Seminar 9 and 10: The royal prerogative and statutory executive power
Seminar 11: Nationhood power and the power to contract and spend
Seminar 12: Freedom of Information and orders for production of documents
Seminar 13: Rule-making and accountability to Parliament
Seminar 14: Independent Tribunals and Investigative Bodies
Seminar 15: Judicial Power
Seminar 16: Separation of Powers and its Effect on Federal Judges and Federal Courts
Seminar 17: The Kable Principle, State Courts and incompatible functions
Seminar 18: Federal detention – punitive and immigration detention
Seminar 19: Matter and Standing