Semester 2, 2017

Comprehensive Torts and Contracts II Notes (Mark 83, HD in final exam)

107 pages

42,990 words




Received an 83 for the course and an HD in the final exam using these. Comprehensively includes all lectures as well as notes from the prescribed textbook.

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Causation and Remoteness in Contract
Lecture 3: Measure of Damages in Contract
Lecture 4: The Action for Debt and Penalties
Lecture 5: Vitiating Factors: undue influence and unconscionable conduct; unfair contract terms
Lecture 6: Vitiating Factors Under Statute
Lecture 7: Duress and Mistake
Lecture 8: Misrepresentation + Introduction to ACL s 18
Lecture 9: ACL s 18 Continued + Review of Vitiating
Lecture 10: Tortious Interference with Goods;
Lecture 11: Economic Torts 64
Lecture 12: Liability for Negligently inflicted Pure Economic Loss – Negligent misstatement and professional work
Lecture 13: PEL: damage to third party property
Lecture 14: Vicarious, Solidary/Concurrent/Joint & Several Liability and Contribution rights
Lecture 15: Outline and Study Guide to Proportionate Liability




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