I achieved an 84 for this subject, including a HD on the exam. These notes are perfect for learning the course as they are very detailed. I personally prefer taking in detailed notes into the exam so these were perfect for that and helped me to write detailed answers without too much stress during timed conditions! Covers all topics (1-10). TOPIC 1: OVERVIEW OF EMPLOYMENT REGULATION AND MINIMUM EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS TOPIC 2: EMPLOYEES VERSUS INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS TOPIC 3: FORMING AN EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT TOPIC 4: TERMS OF THE EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT TOPIC 5: THE EMPLOYEE’S IMPLIED DUTIES TOPIC 6: THE EMPLOYER’S IMPLIED DUTIES TOPIC 7: TERMINATION AND REMEDIES TOPIC 8: UNFAIR DISMISSAL UNDER THE FW ACT TOPIC 9: GENERAL PROTECTIONS (ADVERSE ACTION) UNDER THE FW ACT TOPIC 10: ANTI-DISCRIMINATION AND BULLYING PROTECTIONS


Semester 2, 2017

114 pages

41,686 words



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