Semester 2, 2017


60 pages

10,744 words




- Selling my detailed and comprehensive notes for ISYS100 in which I achieved a distinction.

Topics covered:
Week 1- Introduction to information technology and society – Web vs Web
Week 2- Social networks- are they really that much of a game changer?
Week 3- Blogs, internet journalism, the internet and democracy
Week 4 – The weird, the wired and the wireless- how the internet is accessed
Week 5- Graphics, digital and multimedia
Week 6- Hackers, spam and phishing
Week 7- The digital divide
Week 8- Googlemania
Week 9- How do I know which electronic device to buy?
Week 10- Green IT
Week 11- Evolving internet, evolving software
Week 12- Robotics and artificial intelligence

- Includes a variety of diagrams, mind maps and tables which help you to understand the content better!
- Headings are colour coded to break down information and topics.
- I spent many hours creating these notes so all the hard work has been done for you!