Autumn session, 2018

The Tourist Experience Study Notes - HIGH DISTINCTION Level

67 pages

30,797 words




- 67 pages of in-depth notes taken throughout the course
- Includes content from guest speakers, diagrams from slides and information given about assessments and the final exam
- Colour-coded with definitions, examples, case studies, references and exam content
- Easy to read, nicely formatted notes that helped me achieve a high distinction in this subject

• Subject Overview
• A Critical Social Constructionist Approach to the Tourist Experience
• The Body in the Tourist Experience
• Tourist Needs and Motivations
• Tourist Images of People and Places
• Tourist Diversity I
• Tourist Diversity II
• Guest Speaker Sarah Houbolt
• Tourists' Interactions with Others
• Tourists' Interactions with the Host Culture
• Tourists' Interactions with their Physical Environment
• Tourist Satisfaction and its Management