Semester 2, 2016

HD CONSTI exam notes (detailed template) + case tables)

122 pages

51,000 words




Tailored for exams by compiling all notes from the semester into one KILLER document, including from lectures, readings throughout semester and LSS seminars. Also, I read through all case judgments, compiled their facts, judgments (judge names + quotes for bonus points), and each case's significance into tables that are at the end of the document, divided into their relevant topics (see sample, last page).

Includes sentences to be copied out in the exam and altered depending on facts, as well as application of different scenarios using relevant cases and sections of the Constitution/relevant legislation.

PART ONE: Introduction
1) Fundamental Concepts, Institutions and Instruments

PART TWO: State Constitutions
2) State Legislative Power
3) Manner and Form

PART THREE: Commonwealth Executive Powers
4) Executive Power

PART FOUR: Commonwealth Legislative Powers
5) Characterisation – General Principles
6) The External Affairs Power (s 51(xxix))
7) The Corporations Power (s 51(xx))
8) Financial Powers

PART FIVE: Limits to Legislative Power
9) Implied Intergovernmental Immunities
10) Separation of Judicial Powers
11) Implied Freedom of Political Communication (IFPC)
12) Freedom of Interstate Trade and Commerce – s 92
13) Inconsistency – s 109