Semester 2, 2017

PROP B exam notes (detailed template)

79 pages

31,875 words




These notes are bomb, the result of compiling all notes from the semester, including lectures (Chris Nolan), LSS seminars, readings throughout the semester, and cases (facts/judgments + pinpointed quotes and references to judges' decisions - bonus points for this).

Includes embedded instructions on how to approach a question + sentences to be copied out in the exam and altered depending on facts (takes key facts of a case, details it can be used to apply/distinguish from exam scenarios). Also pinpoints sections of legislation.

INDEX (by topics)
1- Equitable Interests arising by Operation of Law
2- Mortgages
3- An Introduction to the Enforceability of Property Interests and the Torrens System
4 + 5- The Principle of Indefeasibility
6- Unregistered (Equitable) Interests under the Torrens System Priority Disputes
7- Co-Ownership