Semester 1, 2018

CRIM1000 Everything You Need to Know

26 pages

5,568 words




This document includes every term and its definition that you need to know for CRIM1000. I constructed it from all 12 lectures (13 is just a exam review) and made it simple to understand. It is structured so that you can print it off and use it as flashcards (I did this and received a GPA of 6 and an email from the head of school congratulating me on my high achievement). Or you can simply study all the terms. I guarantee it will get you a great mark if you memorise it.

Topics Covered:
1. Introduction: The Study of Crime
2. Theory and Policy in Context/Gender and Crime
3. Classical Criminology
4. Biological Factors and Criminal Behaviour
5. Psychological Factors and Criminal Behaviour
6. Developmental Theories
7. Learning Theories
8. Control Theories
9. Anomie and Strain
10. Neighbourhoods and Crime
11. Conflict Criminology and Labelling
12. Integrated Theories