I have taken my complete notes from lectures 1-12 and simplified them into one document. This document includes pretty much everything you need to know about ANCH1240 from lectures 1-12. It even includes key terms from the textbook that you also must know. I have written it very clearly by each lecture and organised it so it is very simple to follow. If you learn all these points - you will be set for the semester! Topics Covered: 1. Prehistory 2. Bronze Age 'Mycenaean' Greece & Homer 3. Iron Age Greece & Hesiod 4. Greek Colonization & Herodotus 5. The Culture of Archaic Greece: Corinth, Sparta & Athens 6. The Persian Wars 7. Classical Greece 8. Classical Athens & Thucydides 9. Classical Sparta & Corinth 10. The Peloponnesian War 11. Classical Drama & Philosophy 12. Thebes & the Rise of Macedon


Semester 1, 2018

34 pages

8,653 words



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