Semester 1, 2018

HD Competition and Consumer Law Exam Templates

79 pages

26,660 words





Because Competition Law is very convoluted, I've made these templates very structured and exam friendly - so you can methodically work through the issues in the exam. These templates are also colour coded so you will know which phrases are important (green), which phrases to include if time permits (orange) and which issues are interconnected (blue). The final section of the templates include 'Issue Spotting', which include red flags for most of the issues.

I have also read all of the competition law cases; including comprehensive summaries in the templates. This will allow you to analogise with the cases in considerable detail.

Hopefully these templates can also help you secure a HD for the unit.

NOTE: My templates don't include 'Liability of Manufacturers of Goods with Safety Defects' because our assignment covered this issue. However, all of the other consumer law topics covered in sem 1, 2018, are included.

1. Introduction to Consumer Law
2. Product Safety Standards
3. Unfair Contract Terms
4. Unconscionability
5. Misleading or Deceptive Conduct
6. Consumer Guarantees
7. Application of the Competition and Consumer Act
8. Markets, Market Power and Competition
9. Mergers
10. Misuse of Market Power
11. Anti-Competitive Agreements
12. Exclusive Dealing
13. Resale Price Maintenance
14. Issue Spotting