These templates are exam-friendly and easy to navigate under timed conditions. Because Stephen appreciates structured responses, I've created these templates in accordance with his view as to how you should go through issues (ie based on his week 12 revision problem). Thus, you will know what to write down as the issue, how and when to analogise with the facts and the commercial implications of your conclusion. Given the foreign nature of maths in law units, I've also included very easy to follow formulas, so that you won't lose marks on silly calculation errors.

They also contain concise case summaries (particularly for income/deduction) that will prompt your memory in the exam, and red flags to ensure you don't miss an issue.

It's very likely that you'll have to complete a final tax return at the end of your exam. Because this is heavily weighted (10-15 marks for 2017 Semester 2), it's important you don't miss entries. At the end of my templates, I have included a draft tax return that you can use during the exam. This will ensure you don't miss any entries during the last moments of the exam.

I used these templates to secure myself a HD for the unit.

1. GST
2. Ordinary Income
3. Exempt Income and Non-Assessable Non-Exempt Income
4. General Deductions
5. Provisions that Deny or Limit Deductions
6. Capital Allowances
7. Trading Stock
8. Capital Gains Tax
9. Companies
10. Superannuation
11. Income tax


Semester 2, 2017

80 pages

18,607 words



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