Autumn session, 2018

Meticulous 89% HD grade Notes: 70616 Australian Constitutional Law - Full Coverage for Seminars and Exam Colour Coded and referenced

121 pages

62,222 words




These notes are more expensive because they have it all.

They are colour coded and cross referenced and step through each section in an easy to follow and pull out format. I am pedantic and meticulous :-) and ensure wherever possible topics stay on the one page so you are not messing about in the exam.

I have covered all topics even those not in my exam. (Note that the exam topics change so not all notes you buy will cover all that you need. These do. )

Topics covered include:
Judicial Power
Heads of Power
Race Power
Trade and Commerce Power
Defence power
External Affairs Power
Executive Spending Power
Prerogative Power
Nationhood Power
Implied Freedom of Political Communication
Trial by Jury
Freedom of Religion
Inconsistency between Laws
Acquisition on Just Terms

I scored 89% in the exam with these, got full marks for my reading logs and and 90% in my seminar presentation.