These notes are more expensive but worth the extra as they are meticulous. I scored 90% in the Exam with these. Are you getting your money's worth? --> look at the word count --> and this is quality; summarised and distilled not just snap shots of lecture notes. All topics covered, cross referenced and colour coded. Steps set out and authorities for elements clearly highlighted. Most topics have a short summary section outlining the elements and sub-elements which is then expanded out in more detail with examples/explaination and authorities. Plus all key cases are summarised following each topic area. In the sample the full index is provided plus sample pages of 4 areas in full (Intro/ Agreement/ Offer/ Acceptance) and a few other odd pages as well --> so you can see clearly what you are getting. Contracts has a high failure rate, don't let it be you.


Spring session, 2017

127 pages

67,387 words



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