Semester 2, 2017

PHY3072: Exercise physiology and metabolism - Semester Notes

78 pages

18,255 words




These notes were compiled by a small group of authors. Created by a small group of learners and authors, the notes have been further edited to accommodate for different kinds of learners from day 1, mid-semester exams and SWOTVAC, to help with study and training.

The notes contain comprehensive summaries and explanations for each lecture to assist with understanding and revision. With due diligence, the use of these notes will almost guarantee a HD. Authors attained a HD grade and the utilisation of these notes aided our study significantly.

Topics Covered:
Lecture 1: Introduction to exercise physiology
Lecture 2: Introduction to Exercise Metabolism
Lecture 3: Muscle Activation, fatigue and fiber types
Lecture 4: Mechanisms of Muscle Damage and Adaptation
Lecture 5: Metabolism & Muscle Biochemistry 1: Carbohydrate Metabolism
Lecture 6: Metabolism & Muscle Biochemistry 2: Lipid Metabolism
Lecture 7: Exercise, hormones and metabolism
Lecture 8: Inter‐tissue communication: 'metabolic cross‐talk'
Lecture 9: Molecular adaptions to exercise training
Lecture 10: Molecular adaptations to exercise 2
Lecture 11: Optimal nutrition for training for exercise
Lecture 12: Exercise and metabolic disease
Lecture 13: Pulmonary responses to exercise - limits to human performance
Lecture 14: Pulmonary responses to exercise - limitation of lung disease
Lecture 15: CVS responses to exercise
Lecture 16: CVS and renal responses to exercise
Lecture 17: CVS disease and exercise
Lecture 18: Doping and athletic performance
Lecture 19: Exercise in extreme environments - temperature and heat adaptation
Lecture 20: Exercise in extreme environments - altitude and hypoxia training
Lecture 21: Exercise-induced GI syndrome