Semester 2, 2017

PHY3102 : Nutrition, metabolism and body weight - Semester Notes

89 pages

17,139 words




These notes were compiled by a small group of authors in 2017. Having a small group of learners and authors enables the notes to become more universal, catering to different kinds of learners from day 1, mid-semester exams and SWOTVAC to make content more digestible.

The notes contain comprehensive summaries and explanations for each lecture to assist with understanding and revision. With due diligence, the use of these notes will almost guarantee a HD. Authors attained a HD grade and the utilisation of these notes aided our study significantly.

Topics covered-
Week 1 Lecture 1 Major nutrients, digestion and absorption
Week 2 Lecture 2 Macronutrient release & regulation: Part 1
Week 2 Lecture 3 Macronutrient release & regulation: Part 2
Week 3 Lecture 5 Appetite and the detection of gut nutrient loads
Week 3 Lecture 6 The Hypothalamic Regulation of energy homeostasis
Week 4 Lecture 7 The brain and appetite - Reward Pathways
Week 5 Lecture 8 & 9 Energy Expenditure: Exercise, Megan Grace
Week 6 Lecture 10 Hormonal regulation of body weight
Week 5 Lecture 11 Growth Factors and Body Weight
Week 7 Lecture 12 Genetic, epigenetic and environmental causes of obesity
Week 8 Lecture 13 Leptin, energy homeostasis, obesity and cardiovascular parameters
Week 8 Lecture 14 Diabetes
Week 8 Lecture 15 Diabetes Therapies
Week 9 Lecture 16 Inflammation and Obesity
Week 9 Lecture 17 Inflammation and Obesity part 2
Week 10 Lecture 18 Obesity and cancer
Week 10 Lecture 19 Sleep loss, sleep disorders and their interactions with obesity
Week 10 Lecture 20 Metabolic Syndrome, eating disorders & reproduction
Week 11 Lecture 21 Why is it so hard to lose weight
Week 12 Lecture 22 Obesity therapies-pharmaceuticals
Week 12 Lecture 23 Bariatric Surgery as a treatment for morbid obesity