Semester 2, 2017

(HD Problem Question Notes) Criminal Laws SUPER EXAM SUMMARY!

18 pages

6,946 words




I used these notes in Semester 2 2017 to attain a HD in the problem question (37/40).

These succinct notes are extremely easy to use and outline all the important elements of each offence. Every table provided includes ALL necessary CASES AND LEGISLATION.

The offences and elements are presented in the order required to answer the problem question. This ensures proper and effective use of time in the exam.

During the semester, use these notes to have a comprehensive summary and understanding of all offences, as you learn the content. It serves as a reference for the many tests you will be required to learn.

- Assault (assault and aggravated assault)
- Homicide (murder, voluntary and involuntary manslaughter, assault causing death)
- Defences (mental illness, automatism, intoxication, self-defence, substantial impairment, extreme provocation)
- Dishonest Acquisition (larceny, robbery, stealing from the person, receiving stolen property, break and enter)
- Fraud
- Extending Criminal Liability (JCE, EJCE, accessorial liability, conspiracy)
- Sentencing