Semester 1, 2018

MARK1012 distinction notes

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My notes are primarily from the textbook, with any important information from lectures and tutorials also included.
There are very detailed but also clear and easy to understand!
Topics include weeks 1-11 (all topics) and are structured by the textbook topics which include:
CHAPTER 1: overview of marketing
CHAPTER 2: Digital marketing
CHAPTER 3: Marketing ethics, sustainability and CSR
CHAPTER 4: Analysing the market environment
CHAPTER 5: Understanding and targeting the market: Consumer behaviour
CHAPTER 6: Segmentation, targeting and positioning
CHAPTER 7: marketing research
CHAPTER 8: Product and branding decisions
CHAPTER 9: Developing new products
CHAPTER 10: services: the intangible product
CHAPTER 11: pricing concepts for establishing value
CHAPTER 12: Supply chain, channel management and retail
CHAPTER 13: Integrated marketing communications, advertising and PR




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