Semester 1, 2018

High distinction ARTS2093 notes

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These notes are a mix of information from lectures, tutorials and readings in a clear yet detailed manner - perfect for the exam!
These notes include weeks 1-11 (all the topics in the course)
Topics included:
WEEK 1: Social media platforms, practices and affordances
WEEK 2: the rhetoric of social sharing: telling stories with social media
WEEK 3: imagined audiences and context collapse
WEEK 4: networked publics and the blurring of public and private domains
WEEK 5: social media influencers and attention economies
WEEK 6: the curatorial self and the everyday aesthetics of social media
WEEK 7: self-representation and selfies
WEEK 8: analysing opinion and emotion in social media communication
WEEK 9: affect, affiliation and social media paralanguages
WEEK 10: Social metadata and social media metadiscourse
WEEK 11: backchannel communication and two screen viewing




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