Semester 1, 2018

Enterprise Innovation and Markets Notes

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11,772 words




These notes are set out to make it easy to study, most the things in this document was in the exam.
This has all the examinable LO that the unit cooridnanter said it would be in the exam (it may change)
CHAPTER 1: Innovation: the clever country
LO1.3 Sources of innovation
LO1.4 Different Types of innovation
LO1.5 What do successful innovators and entrepreneurs do

CHAPTER 2: Creativity, innovation, opportunities and entrepreneurship
LO2.2 Creativity as a process
LO2.3 Components of creativity and creativity techniques
LO2.4 Linking creativity, innovation & entrepreneurship

CHAPTER 4: Identifying customers
LO4.2 Segmentation
LO4.4 Positioning

CHAPTER 5: Elements of the marketing mix
LO5.2 Product
LO5.5 Place
LO5.6 The services marketing mix

CHAPTER 6: Economics, demand and supply
LO6.3 Demand
LO6.4 Supply
LO6.5 Market equilibrium

CHAPTER 8: Market structures
LO8.1 Competition & Market structures
LO8.5 Monopolistic competition
LO8.6 Oligopoly

CHAPTER 9: Entrepreneurs and opportunities
LO9.1 Business & the private Enterprise system
LO9.3 Understanding the profile of an entrepreneur
LO9.4 Entrepreneurs and opportunities

CHAPTER 11: Starting an enterprise: the entrepreneurship alternatives
LO11.1 Issues to Consider before going into business
LO11.3 Procedural steps when starting a business venture

P.S. the last 4 pages are so helpful, it helped me so much during the exam, when I was stuck trying to remember

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