This note covers all 12-week lectures of Semester 1, 2018. I achieved a score of 95 (H1).

I have adjusted the order of the lectures and combined those relevant lectures into a big topic, which hopefully will make it much easier to see the big picture. I have put as many explanations as possible so this note is very detail-oriented and in-depth. The content covers knowledge of lectures, textbook readings, tutorial questions and practice exams. I used tables, diagrams and colors to make it easy for you to follow and notice the important points.

I recommend you to refer to the note for any concepts you find difficult to understand and use this as a guide when doing practice questions!

I hope this will help you achieve a high score in CFDM!

Best of luck!

Topics covered include:
Financing decision
+ Debt financing
+ Equity financing
+ WACC & capital structure

Investing decision
+ Assessing mutually exclusive projects
+ Sensitivity, break-even, decision tree
+ Real Options

Payout decision
+ Payout policy

+ Analysis of takeover Part 1
+ Analysis of takeover Part 2

Corporate Restructuring
+ Corporate restructuring

Risk management
+ Risk management


Semester 1, 2018

62 pages

21,256 words



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