Spring session, 2017

Integrated Marketing Communications Mind Map Summaries - DISTINCTION Level

18 pages

5,000 words




- Mind map summaries of every chapter of the IMC textbook
- Includes all of the essential content and examples and helped me do extremely well in the subject

• Introduction to Integrated Marketing Perspectives
• The Role of IMC in the Marketing Process
• Organising for Advertising and Promotion - The Role of Ad Agencies and Other Marketing Communication Organisations
• Perspectives on Consumer Behaviour
• The Communications Process
• Source, Message and Channel Factors
• Establishing Objectives and Budgeting for the Promotional Program
• Creative Strategy - Planning and Development
• Creative Strategy - Implementation and Evaluation
• Media Planning and Strategy
• Evaluation of Broadcast Media
• Evaluation of Print Media
• Evaluation of Support Media
• Direct Marketing
• Internet and Interactive Marketing
• Sales Promotion
• Public Relations / Publicity
• Measuring the Effectiveness of the Promotional Program
• International Advertising and Promotion
• Personal Selling
• Evaluating the Social, Ethical and Economic Aspects of Advertising and Promotion