Semester 1, 2018

LAWS2204 Property Law Exam Summary (6 pages)

6 pages

7,000 words



A comprehensive and colour-coded summary for all of the content covered in LAWS2204 Property Law. It includes all the steps you need to answer the question sufficiently as well as brief case summaries for your referral. I have also included some suggested answers in there which will aid during the exam.

The following main content are included:
- Fixtures
- Lost & Found
- Torrens Land (Registered & unregistered)
- Leases (Types of leases, at sufferance, registered, unregistered & covenants)
- Mortgages (Power of sale & mortgage remedies)
- Priority Disputes for URI v RP. (Various fraud exceptions, short-term leases, inconsistent legislation, actions in personam, registar-general, volunteers and estates/interests recorded in folio)
- Priority Disputes for URI v URI (Registable dealing, registered proprietor, legal estate, first in time, other postponing conduct and Latec complication)
- Co-ownership (features of joint tenancy, statue, tenants in common and severance of joint tenancy)