A comprehensive & colour-coded summary for BUSN3006 Public Sector Accounting. These are compiled from the lecture notes, my personal notes, tutorials & lecture reading and include all content from the entire semester. There is also a short summary on the first couple pages for your quick referral in terms of topics that should be considered when answering a question of the kind.

The following topics covered are:
- Role of the Government
- Public Sector Accountability
- Cash & Accrual Based Accounting
- Asset Management & Infrastructure Assets
- Culture & Public Heritage Assets and Marketisation of Public Sector Service Provision
- Public Private Partnerships
- Public Sector Accounting
- Government Based Operation Issues (GBE)
- Department Performance Measurement Issues
- External Reporting
- Environmental Management & Sustainability
- Commonwealth Budget.


Semester 1, 2018

32 pages

18,715 words



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