Semester 2, 2017

comprehensive exam, lecture notes with checklist, case summaries, practice essays & questions.

228 pages

84,614 words




I received a HD in this class after bombing out on the mid semester assignment so these notes were my bible. I have included a checklist I have made which clarifies the elements that need to be met to satisfy all the topics covered, this includes sentence starters and case authorities so all you need to do is dump them straight onto paper and apply to facts.

Ive also included comprehensive exam notes and my own lecture notes which were devised from multiple sources for difficult topics.

Further, I have included case summaries (all cases on SRG) and a table that I made for the policy essay question on the exam that includes heaps of arguments to use as well as my own essay plans which detail how to answer a policy based question!

Lastly I have included my own practice exam questions and answers.




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