Detailed and comprehensive analysis covering Enron, Apple, Solaris/Supernova, Automakers and Sanrizz respectively for the macro OB topics.

EXAMPLES of each case are applied to the theories along with some RECOMMENDATIONS and LIMITATIONS, to set you apart from other students.

My past listing for this had over 25 purchases. Updated this version with better formatting on the Micro in table form, for better clarity.

The notes also contain a sample of the preparation made for the MICRO part of OB which covers the topics such as Values, Attitudes and Behaviours, Conflict and Negotiation, Teams and Leadership. They are colour coded and arranged in chronological order (which is clearer to see how the Micro topics are APPLIED throughout your team assignment) and I consulted tutor about it to ensure that the reflection was on the right track. The tutor advised that it would make more sense to apply the micro topics in chronological order so that it flows smoothly since it is supposed to be a reflection.
The formatting of the document may not be consistent, as it was done throughout the semester, apologies!

(The notes are very detailed, do get it early so you have ample time to look through everything!)


Semester 2, 2017

76 pages

24,550 words