For our Torts Exam we were only allowed a 1 page (double sided) sheet into the exam. I am selling the notes which I used to make this summary however I really struggled to know how to make it. So I thought I'd sell it so that you don't have to worry like I did.

"What is tort law?" (used for essays, though very brief, didn't take up much space at all)
INTENTIONAL TORTS AND NEGLIGENCE: outlining the elements required for each as well as how they are different
INTENTIONAL TORTS: trespass to person, battery, assault, false imprisonment, action on the case for nervous shock caused indirectly by intentional statements calculated to inflict harm OR physical injury caused indirectly by intentional acts intended to inflict harm, trespass to land, nuisance (public and private), trespass to goods, conversion, and detinue
INTENTIONAL TORT DEFENCES: self-defence, consent, provocation, children, mistake. insanity, self-help, statutory authority, prescription (for nuisance), and jus tertii (for detinue and conversion)
NEGLIGENCE: vicarious liability, duty of care (including policy considerations, how to determine whether a duty of care exists and what the duty involves), pure mental harm, pure economic loss, statutory authority, how to determine whether the duty has been breached, causation, and multiple tortfeasors,
NEGLIGENCE DEFENCES: contributory negligence, intoxication, voluntary assumption of risk, and illegality.

HINT: write out your 2 page summary but don't worry about making it 2 pages just yet (just get formatting right). Then as you go through practice problem questions if you know something off by heart, make sure it only takes up a small portion of your sheet. And likewise, if you don't know something make sure it's on your sheet. Then focus on getting it down to 2 pages.

Hope this helped you like it helped me, everything I need was on this sheet. I memorised my other notes and relied on this to remind myself throughout the exam.



Semester 1, 2017

2 pages

7,813 words