Semester 2, 2017

LLB 290 Legal Theory High Distinction Notes

89 pages

70,986 words




These are notes directly from the proscribed textbook. They are long however this is necessary in order to completely understand how each theory works individually and in interaction with other theories.

I hope you found them as helpful as I did. I am also selling a 24 page summary which is what I relied on in the exam (though I used this 89 page summary to study). I'm selling that for the same price so if you don't want the detail this summary provides that one might be better suited to you.

I ended with a high distinction which is definitely not what I was expecting. So I'm sure you can do it too.

Basic introduction to legal theory generally
Natural law theory: Aristotle, Cicero, Aquinas, Blackstone
Natural rights theory: Hobbes, Locke
Revived Natural law theory: Fuller, Hart, Finnis
Modernism: Descartes
Legal positivism: Bentham, Austin, Hart
Marxism and Marxist legal theory: Marx, E.P Thompson, Gramsci, Althusser, Pashukanis, Critical Theory
Sociological legal studies: Weber, Durkheim, , American Legal Realism (including Holmes, Llewellyn, Frank), Critical Legal Studies
Feminism (including liberal, radical, cultural, postmodern, black, pragmatic)
Critical race theory
Post-colonialism theory

I relied on these notes throughout the semester and to study and ended with a HD. I hope you can too!