Autumn session, 2017

Marketing Research Study Notes

33 pages

14,569 words




- 33 pages of summarised notes taken throughout the marketing research course
- Includes lecture content, examples, answers to worked questions and diagrams from slides
- Easy to read, nicely formatted notes that helped me achieve an excellent mark in this subject

• Marketing Research
• Decision Problems, Research Questions, Objectives and Info Value
• Interviews and Focus Groups
• Observation and Its Variations and Making Sense of the Qualitative Data
• Surveys in Quantitative Research
• Experiments, Test Markets and Sampling
• Construct Measurement, Questionnaries and Supplements
• Coding, Editing and Presenting Data and Preliminary Data Analysis
• Data Analysis – Testing for Difference
• Data Analysis – Testing for Association
• Data Analysis – Testing for Indifference
• Information Driven Technology and the Research Process