Autumn session, 2017

Consumer Behaviour Study Notes

22 pages

10,551 words




- 22 pages of summarised notes taken throughout the consumer behaviour course
- Includes lecture content, examples and diagrams from slides
- Easy to read, nicely formatted notes that helped me achieve an excellent mark in this subject

• Understanding Consumer Behaviour
• The Psychological Core I – Motivation, Ability and Opportunity
• From Exposure to Comprehension
• Memory and Knowledge
• Attitudes Based on High Effort
• Attitudes Based on Low Effort
• Problem Recognition and Information Search
• Judgement and Decision Making Based on High Consumer Effort
• Judgement and Decision Making Based on Low Effort
• Post-Decision Process
• Consumer Diversity
• Household and Social Class Influences
• Psychographics – Values, Personality and Lifestyle
• Social Influences on Consumer Behaviour
• Innovations – Adoption, Resistance and Diffusion
• Sources of Symbolic Consumer Behaviour
• Marketing, Ethics and Social Responsibility in Today’s Consumer Society