Semester 1, 2016

ENGG2851: Data Analytics for Project Management Notes

42 pages

10,633 words




The notes that I made and used to complete ENGG2851. Achieved a final mark of 91 in the subject!! The notes have been compiled from the lectures and other sources and have been organised in such a way that enhances memory and learning. Definitions are listed in green tables and information is sorted into graphs and tables to make memorisation easier.

Topic List:
1) Introduction to Project Management
2) Project Success and Failure
3) Data Analytics for Time Management
4) Project Process Planning & Control
5) Data Analytics for Risk Management
6) Decision Theory and Games
7) Advanced Game Theory
8) Project Scheduling
9) Linear Programming
10) Advanced Linear Programming and Simplex Method
11) Modelling Project Teams as Networks
12) Optimization Theory




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