Semester 2, 2017

Migration, Refugees & Forced Migration - EXAM SCAFFOLDS

30 pages

10,080 words




Exam scaffolds for the subject 'Migration, Refugees & Forced Migration' at Sydney University. I was the official notetaker for this subject and the notes are up to date and most useful for an open-book, problem question style exam. They are laid out in a "if X, then Y" style format to allow for quick determination of the applicable law.

The first half of the scaffolds cover the criteria for key visa categories. The latter half of the notes cover the ways in which an immigrant can become unlawful, and the means by which they may regularise their status, and the remedies available to them if unsuccessful.

The key topics covered are:
1. Common Entry Criteria
2. Protection (subclass 866) visa
3. Skilled migration visas
4. Employment Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa
5. Distinguished Talent (subclass 124) visa
6. Business Skills Migration visas
7. Partner visas
8. Child & Orphan visas
9. Parent visas
10. Carer visas
11. How do you become unlawful?
12. If unlawful, how can you regularise your status?
13. Merits review
14. Judicial review
15. Other remedies