Semester 2, 2017

Migration, Forced Migration and Refugee - Comprehensive Exam Notes

101 pages

51,976 words




Compiled notes for the subject 'Migration, Refugees and Forced Migration' completed at Sydney University. I was the official notetaker for this subject so they are detailed and complete for each topic.

The topics covered were:
I. Migration Control and the Law
II. Extent of the Power to Control Migration: The Constitution and Norms of International Law
III. Immigration Control and the Regulatory Revolution
IV. Common Entry Criteria
V. Family Migration
VI. Business and Skills-Based Migration
VII. Refugees and HUmanitarian Migration
VII. Enforcement of Migration Laws
IX. The Administrative Review of Decisions on their merits
X. Judicial Review

The notes are separated by topic and include detail case notes in easy to understand boxes. Legislation and cases are colour coded for ease of understanding.