Semester 2, 2017

Administrative Law Notes

91 pages

18,160 words




Well structured, colour-coded, easy to follow admin law notes. Provides a structure and scaffold for answering exam questions. Gives a comprehensive overview of admin law.

These notes make the exam so much easier by breaking down the law into elements and providing authorities. They also help to keep on top of topics covered throughout the semester.

Table of Contents:
• Delegated legislation
• Introduction to judicial review
• Jurisdiction
o High Court Common Law Jurisdiction
o Federal Court Common Law Jurisdiction
o ADJR Jurisdiction
o State Jurisdiction
• Justiciability
• Standing
• Remedies
• Grounds of Review Overview
• Decisional Grounds
o Error of Law
o Jurisdictional Fact
o Jurisdictional Error
• Procedural Grounds
o The Hearing Rule
o The Bias Rule
o Procedural Error
• Reasoning Grounds
o Consideration Grounds
o Unauthorised / Improper Purpose
o Bad Faith / Fraud
o Unauthorised Delegation
o Acting Under Dictation
o Inflexible Policies
o No Evidence Rule
o Uncertainty
o Unreasonableness
o Irrationality
o Abuse of Power
• Privative Clauses
• Freedom of Information

Colour code:
Red - element
Green - legislation
Blue - case law
Pink - important




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