Autumn session, 2017

Contract Law Notes

122 pages

26,835 words



Well structured, colour-coded, easy to follow contract law exam notes. Provides a structure and scaffold for answering exam questions. Gives a comprehensive overview of contract law.

These notes make the exam so much easier by breaking down the law into elements and providing authorities.

Table of Contents:
• Definitions and Terms
• Offer
• Acceptance
• Consideration
• Intention
• Certainty and Completeness
• Promissory Estoppel
• Capacity
• Privity
• Formalities
• Illegality
o Statutory Illegality
o Public Policy Illegality
• Restraints of Trade
• Consequences of Illegality
• Terms
o Express Terms
o Notice Requirements in Various Contexts
o Extrinsic Evidence
o Implied Terms
o Construction / Classification
o Exclusion Clauses
• Misrepresentation
o Types of Misrepresentation
• Mistake
o Common Mistake
o Mutual Mistake
o Unilateral Mistake
• Duress
• Undue Influence
• Unconscionability
• Third Party Impropriety
• Termination
o Termination by Performance
o Termination by Agreement
• Breach and Repudiation
o Breach
o Actual Breach
o Repudiation
• Frustration
• Remedies

Colour code:
Red - element
Green - legislation
Blue - case law




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