Semester 2, 2017

LAWS2383 Land Law - High Distinction Quality Exam Notes

75 pages

34,779 words




These are the perfect Land Law notes!

I have summarised and simplified the entirety of the course content, including all case law, legislation, and equitable doctrines. The notes include all relevant materials from the textbook, Moodle materials, and class notes. The notes are colour-coded (pink = legislation; green = case law; orange = authors/commentators) and are very easy to navigate.

The structure I have used sets everything out very clearly and easily for exam conditions.

Topics included:
- Introduction
- Fundamental Concepts in Land Law
- Torrens Title
- Indefeasibility
- Exceptions to Indefeasibility
- Competing Equitable Interests
- Leases
- Co-ownership
- Native Title
- Mortgages
- Easements
- Freehold Covenants