These are the only Federal Constitutional Law notes you will need to understand the subject and prepare you for the exam.

I have summarised and simplified the entirety of the course content, including all case law, legislation, and excerpts from the textbook written by authors/judges/commentators.

The notes include all relevant material from the textbook, Moodle materials, and class notes. The notes are colour-coded (pink = legislation; green = case law; orange = commentators/authors needed for the essay; blue boxes = exam phrases/scaffolds to use) and are easy to navigate.

Topic list:
- Fundamentals of Australian Constitutional Law
- The High Court and Constitutional Interpretation (A and B)
- The High Court and Characterisation
- Inconsistency between Commonwealth and State Laws
- The External Affairs Power
- Economic Powers (Trade and Commerce/Corporations Power)
- The Races Power
- The Taxation Power
- The Grants Power
- Express Guarantees (Trial by Jury and Freedom of Religion)
- Freedom of Interstate Trade and Commerce
- Implied Freedom of Political Communication
- Judicial Power and Detention
- The Federal Compact (Intergovernmental Immunity)


Semester 2, 2017

46 pages

20,548 words



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