Semester 2, 2017

HD (83) Torts Law1113 Exam Notes + Cases

98 pages

21,600 words




The perfect culmination of lecture notes, Tutorial notes, PASS sessions and LSS tutorials, these notes are detailed, accurate and incredibly easy to read and understand. They are structured by topic and are broken down into the elements of each tort with the relevant case summaries beneath the notes for each topic.
Coloured and formatted headings make the breakdown of topics and elements quick and easy to navigate. They are useful for work during semester and also in the final exam.
Included topics are False Imprisonment, Trespass to land, Defences to trespass torts, Remedies for trespass torts, Private nuisance, Negligence (Duty of Care, Pure Economic Loss, Pure Mental Harm, Breach of Duty, Causation, Remoteness, Defences), Vicarious Liability.