Semester 1, 2017

ANAT30007: Human Locomotor Systems Notes (H1) - Lecture Notes, Practical Notes, Further Readings

533 pages

35,500 words




Notes for ANAT30007: Human Locomotor Systems.

I was able to obtain a H1 with these notes and you can too!

These notes contain:
- Lecture Notes
- Practical Class Notes
- Notes on further readings
- Anatomedia notes
- Visual Aids: Images, Diagrams, etc.
- A shorter 'Note' section containing key pieces of information
- Each Section has the approximate time to read once you are familiar with the material.
- Remembering techniques such as mnemonics

The word count as well as page length is long due to the subject being content intensive as well as repetition of some key points in the notes section. Page length is also long due to visual aids. If anything it means you are getting your moneys worth :)