These notes are ~1 double sided page per lecture, without compromising on the required information (thus some are longer)! These notes are longer than the length of my other subjects particularly because this is a 12 point unit, with a lot of lectures. Knuckle down from the start and you'll be grand.

These notes are written by a student that has completed 4 IMM units with a HD average, the immunology taught in BMS is hard because it's taught quick with minimal review. Hard but manageable with the right tools.

All the thinking, sorting, analysing, processing and lecture attending has been done for you.

The major points in each lecture are their own headings, with dot points of relevant information below. I have used lecture notes, lecturer's elaborations prescribed text books and additional readings to compile these notes.


Semester 1, 2017

96 pages

52,149 words



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