These notes are ~1 double sided page per lecture, without compromising on the required information (thus some are longer)!

This was an amazing subject, a lab every other week, even less, and fun when we did do them. Manageable content and great preparation for the exam!

All the thinking, sorting, analysing, processing and lecture attending has been done for you.

The major points in each lecture are their own headings, with dot points of relevant information below. I have used lecture notes, lecturer's elaborations prescribed text books and additional readings to compile these notes.

Topic list:
Lecture 1 – Cardiovascular Disease ‘Hypertension’: Current and future directions in Research
Lecture 2 – Cardiovascular Response to Stress
Lecture 3 – Basic Neural Mechanisms in the Cardiovascular System
Lecture 4 – Neural Mechanisms II: Reflex Control of the Circulation
Lecture 5 – Hormones and the Cardiovascular system
Lecture 6 – Hypertension
Lecture 7 – Global Cardiovascular Disease
Lecture 8 – CVD Risk Factors and Prevention Strategies
Lecture 9 – Role of the kidneys in Long-Term Blood Pressure Regulation
Lecture 10 – Role of the kidneys in Long-Term Blood Pressure Regulation
Lecture 12 – Sex differences in Cardiovascular Disease
Lecture 13 – Brain and Stroke
Lecture 15 – Endothelial control of blood flow: novel mechanisms
Lecture 16 – Developmental programming of cardiovascular diseases
Lecture 17 – Sympathetic over-activity and Hypertension
Lecture 18 – Heart Failure I
Lecture 19 – Heart Failure II
Lecture 20 – Kidney Disease
Lecture 21 – Steroid hormones and Cardiovascular Disease


Semester 1, 2017

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