-Cheat sheet for final exam.
-A4 page printed on both sides.
-All theoretical and practical notes you need for your final exam divided into weeks.
-Semester 2 2017 notes, reliable notes for students sitting this semester for exams.
- All theory and formulae written precisely in order to save time during exam.
-Use of colors to distinct important headings and easier to identify during exam. (color printing suggested for your convenience)
- Everything you need during your exam.

Material covered in notes:

W1: The Financial System and Interest Rates.
W2: Time Value of Money I (TVM I) (Single Amounts)
W3: Time Value of Money II (TVM II) (Multiple Amounts)
W4: Excel TVM Functionality
W5: TVM III (Mixed Problem-solving)
W6: Bond Valuation
W7: Share Valuation
W8: Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting
W9: Risk and Return
W10: In-class Test (no new material)
W11: Raising Capital
W12: Global Financial Crises


Semester 2, 2017

2 pages

6,604 words



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