Semester 2, 2017

Comprensive Principles of Company Law Notes - Theories, Principles, Cases, Starter Sentences

89 pages

33,609 words




Principles of Company law is a dreaded subject in the JD as it just covers SO MUCH content, these notes cover off on all of that content and earned me a HD in the subject scoring 96% in the exam. Any text in green you can recite in the exam verbatim and then just alter to suit the facts. They include the following topics and the theories, principles, cases, starter sentences and policy for quick and easy application to your exam:

Topic 1/Topic 2 Introduction and Incorporation and its Effect
Topic 3: Types of Companies
Topic 4: Constitution and the Replaceable Rules
Topic 5: Members and Directors
Topic 6: Share Capital, Loan Capital and Dividends
Topic 7: Corporate Contracting
Topic 8: Directors Duty to Act in Good Faith, Best Interest and Proper Purpose:
Topic 9: Directors’ Duties: Duty to avoid conflicts, related party transactions and disclosure
Topic 10: Duty of Care Skill and Diligence CL, EL, s.180(1)
Topic 11: Directors Duty Not to Trade Whilst Insolvent s.588G(2)
Topic 12: Consequences of Breach:
Topic 13: Members Remedies: